Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Towelling Off

The She's a Baller blog writes about how certain players treat the towel girls:

[Cheryl] Ford came up with two fouls and Mahorn took her out. She comes screaming off the floor, “I can play with two fouls” and pouted like a damn 2-year-old. Now, I’m competitive and I want to be in the game as long as possible. But it was apparent that the refs were getting fed up with her because she got two pretty close together and it wasn’t even half-time. I mean, I laughed a little bit because I agreed with her as a player’s standpoint, but when she plopped down at the end of the seat and screamed at the towel girl to give her a pink shirt NOW, that’s when it all started to boil over. Is it the towel girl’s fault that you got caught hijacking a kidney punch while trying to play defense and getting caught? I think not.

Kara Braxton is also cited by the blog for towel girl abuse.

I swear, from this moment on I'm watching the Atlanta Dream players' interactions with the towel girls very closely. If I see any towel girl abuse, I'm reporting it on this blog. I don't care if your name is Chamique Holdsclaw or Angel McCoughtry. Claiming that you don't speak English very well will be no excuse, Iziane and Erika. The Dream hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior.

Free the WNBA Towel Girls! You have nothing to lose but your...towels!


triv said...

Cheryl Ford is under this rule that lot of mothers follow. Treat the girls badly but spoils the boys and men.

afoundingfan said...

That's awful. I am going to the Shock at Sky game on 9/12. Maybe I oughta bring along a couple of rally towels.

ATLDreamFan17 said... matter how angry you are nothing justifies this type of behavior. I'm with you Pet, report all offenders no matter how popular.