Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Investors on Board in Tulsa

According to KMRG, Scott and Katie Schofield have decided to invest in Tulsa's potential WNBA franchise.

In addition to their passion for sports, Scott and Katie are heavily involved in many cancer-related causes, including the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Oklahoma State's Coaches versus Cancer Campaign, the D.C. Leukemia Ball and the Friends Fighting Cancer Organization.

However, what I can find out about the Schofields is that they're not exactly gazillionaires. They donated about $15,000-$35,000 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 2003. I can't find them on the internet, and I don't know where they made their money - which suggests that they might not have made too much of it.

It's good to have them on board, but let's not begin lighting the candles on the celebratory cake just yet.

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Anonymous said...

scrambling in the beginning to find funding is not a good sign, its taking too long in my opinion