Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Atlanta Dream Playoff Locations Determined

(a tip of the hat to Scarab - this is assuming that we make the playoffs, of course)

Conference Semi-finals - Games Played 9/16--9/21

* If Dream's the low seed, play opener @ Philips Arena on 9/16
* If high seed, games 2 & 3 played @ The Arena @ Gwinnett Center "between 9/17 and 9/21"

Eastern Conference Finals - Games Played 9/23--9/26

* If Dream's low seed, play opener @ UGA/Athens, GA on 9/23
* If high seed, play games 2 & 3 @ Philips on 9/25; 9/26

WNBA Finals - Games Played 9/29--10/9

"The 2009 WNBA Finals will take place in Atlanta, GA. The location will be either Philips Arena or Alexander Memorial Coliseum @ Georgia Tech."

So it looks like we'll be playing in Atlanta at all. So there.


ATLDream Fan17 said...

To Patrick and the rest of the DFO: thanks for sending this info out to STHs in a timely manner giving us enough time to make plans. I received my letter a day after it was sent out. *thumbs up*

I've never followed any other team this closely, are round 2 & 3 tickets always higher in price than regular season games? I guess this makes sense when you think about the importance and popularity of such events.

afoundingfan said...

Yeah, and if you can stay the 2nd seed, that would help the planning!

Scarab said...

Appreciate the info from DFO...but some of us STHs wish we could specifically select the games we want/are able to attend. I can't make it to Athens, GA...yet, if I'm reading this letter correctly I'm not given the option of opting out of that game. Need to talk to my ticket rep about this.

ATLDreamFan17 said...

I agree with scarab but it seems if you can't make all the games or the team doesn't make it to the next round, your money rolls over to your account for next season (no refunds). Although I don't like the idea for a couple reasons, it's good for making sure STHs from this season become STHs next season.