Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Atlanta/Los Angeles Gallery; Sparks Autograph Woes

Hoopalonious at the They're Playing Basketball blog also has a gallery of pictures from the Atlanta/Los Angeles game. They aren't the zoom photo courtside shots you'd see at Sports Page Magazine, but I think they're good pics nonetheless.

Hoopalonious also bemoans the way the Sparks have treated the season ticket holders:

There have been almost no post-game autograph sessions this year. And tonight I got home to see a tweet by the LA Sparks that there had been a player appearance at the ESPN Zone from 5-7 p.m. I went back and checked my email, but there was nothing sent to MVPs about that.

It's an inevitable fact that when a franchise gets going and/or new owners take over, there are more perks, and that those opportunities slowly dissipate as the years go by. But I think the Sparks should re-establish more of a connection with their fans. If they did, I bet what happened last night wouldn't happen again: when I got up to leave with 15 seconds to go, I turned around and saw that everyone in the eight rows behind me had already gone.

At least we send a couple of Dream players out every night post-game. It might take them a while to get out of the locker room, but they're there.

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