Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Just a Name"

Words of wisdom written by @chold1 (Chamique Holdsclaw) on Twitter. It's written in Twitterspeak (smh = "shaking my head") but the words are wise. (I wonder if they're directed towards one of The Claw's present teammates?)

Stop pointin da finger accept responsibility 4 ur actions that's wat a wise man does a dumb mf makes excuses. Smh Kids 2day jus don't get it. Well sum people in general. Stop thinkin the grass is greener on da other side. Thru experience I know dats not always da case.

Its funny you can be an awesome player but when ur teammates are fed up and have no respect for u its means nothing. A coach once told Teammate u walk around like ur gods gift 2 bball wat have u done As I heard this I realized she had not accomplish nothing major.Just a name.

A great player plays produces n encourages n on a bad night continue 2 encourage. All along neva bringn others down its about da team not u.

UPDATE: Commenters Gary and Scarab believe that this message is directed towards a teen that The Claw is mentoring.


Gary said...

I was poking around on Twitter to see what she was talking about and I think that's directed toward one of the kids she mentors. She seems to be very frustrated with her.

Scarab said...

I believe Gary's right

Rebecca said...

So that's what SMH means. I had no idea. The more you know.

afoundingfan said...

I really enjoy following Chamique on Twitter. Back before Twitter, When I was a Mystics STH, we didn't know what was going on with her. It's easy to develop a pretty inaccurate picture of a public figure...and with the Claw especially with all the tribulations and speculation surrounding her over the past several years.

I hope she keeps up her level (amount, frankness of) of Twittering (tweeting?).

Oh, and besides some insight, I've also gained a whole new vocabulary...although I dont see myself referring to my car as the "whip".