Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dream End Road Trip with Loss to Mercury

Well, we lost to Phoenix 100-82 on Saturday night. For the most part, WNBA Live Access didn't cooperate and I only got to see about 30 percent of the game - 20 percent of that was in the first quarter. There will be a write up later, maybe not today but later.

Right now, we're 17-15. The Dream get a good three days of rest - I'm not counting that Sunday travel day as rest -and then they play their final home game of the regular season this Friday against Connecticut, and then the very next day travel to Washington to play against the Mystics to end the regular season.

You know what I'm hoping for? A sweep. The regular season ends with games next Sunday.


Ethan said...

I wonder if I'll get LiveAccess to work before the regular season ends. At least I got to the root of the problem: It's trying to serve up the 1 minute highlight reel instead of the game. Since the highlight reel is made after the game, there's nothing to serve up.

I'm trying from the work computer today to narrow it down to being OS specific, as I use Linux at home.

Ethan said...

Live Access worked on the work computer, so apparently the W site is redirecting the Linux version of (official) Firefox to the highlight reel, regardless of day/time. Lame-o.