Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yelena Leuchanka in Simmering...Green?

The Atlanta Dream Facebook Page recently posted this picture of Yelena Leuchanka. The caption on the page is "Yelena's AJC Fashion Shoot". I've not heard of such a fashion shoot, so I would like to see more photos. (The dress comment.)

I'm always of mixed feelings regarding "fashion shoots" involving WNBA players. I'm always reminded of either that scene in A League of Their Own where the Peaches are at some sort of charm school where the instructor recommends "a lot of night games" as the only possible cosmetic improvement for Marla Hooch, or Slapshot where Johnny Upton flashes the crowd "because I want you to have a heart attack and die so that we never have to do this s**t again."

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