Monday, October 5, 2009

Orender Bails...IN

According to Mechelle Voepel at ESPN2, Donna Orender has declined the opportunity to move on to the LPGA:

"I believe in the promise of what everyone thought this league could be when it started 13 seasons ago, and it's going to continue to grow," Orender said Sunday. "The impact basketball has on young girls and the society at large is incredible. I've invested a lot of time in this, and have worked with really great people. I want to keep being part of that growth."

In addition, some information is provided about possible future changes in how the best-of-three rounds will be organized.


Anonymous said...

Do not kid yourself - the inside word is that a decent part of the LPGA board leadership cannot stand Orender and knows her BS from when she was at the PGA. Her resume makes her an automatic leading candidate if you do not know her history, but this "annoucnement" is just her way of spinning the fact that she finally figured out she was not going to get the offer.

Ethan said...

I think Orender is a master of the non-answer (see Voepel's latest blog post for more), but jeez, despite my dislike for the Indiana Fever how could one NOT be jazzed up about the WNBA's future with a sold-out arena and electric atmosphere? While I expect playoffs/finals crowds to be larger than any given regular season game, I was stunned at how full Conseco Fieldhouse was. I'm hoping the excitement rubbed off on the n00bs not just in Indiana but league-wide.