Thursday, October 8, 2009

P2/2009 - Spartak Moscow 89, Dobrí anjeli Košice 59

Chold1 We got smashed today by the All worlds all star team lol. @JanelMccarville didn't even pay. Damn o Damn.

This is the only writeup I'm able to find about this game. Nothing at the Spartak Moscow website. Nothing at Dobrí anjeli Košice. Nothing at Nothing.

Oh well. On Twitter, Chamique Holdsclaw gives us some insight as to the troubles of Dobrí anjeli Košice.

armyvol16 I'm sure you are the best player on the court!
Chold1 by far lol. But I'm playing with 15-16 years old. Its awful they don't know shit lol.

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