Friday, September 4, 2009

The State of the W (Including Tulsa)

Bob Corwin over at Full Court Press makes his predictions about the state of the WNBA. First, Tulsa.

Orender has been very low key about the prospects of a Tulsa WNBA franchise in 2010. From several sources, I have concluded the potential ownership group is much further along in its preparations for a participating 2010 franchise than official league statements would lead us to believe. Assuming Tulsa does join the fold, the biggest question for the rest of the league is whether we're looking at an expansion or a franchise ownership transfer.

It looks like Tulsa is a done deal.

Corwin also writes about the link between WNBA Live Access and uniform sponsorship:

So how are these two events linked? The WNBA is counting the Live Access site hits. That data is then used in approaching potential uniform (and lesser level) sponsors.

You can also read his predictions on the state of the Atlanta Dream, and observations regarding other franchises in the W. Check it out. It really is a very good read.


Anonymous said...

This would be great news for us Kansans whose parents won't take them all the way to Atlanta. I'm pretty sure that if Tulsa does come through, it wouldn't be so hard to convince them to take me to a Dream game!

Anonymous said...

A good read...but Bob does not know as much as he thinks he does....but give him credit for persistent effort in hanging around all the time to try to find out!