Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Deal with NBA Refs, WNBA Refs Might Be Used

From Hoopsworld:

The NBA is said to be seeking a hefty roll back in costs by its officials. It is believed the NBA is seeking $3.2 million in cost savings and the NBA Referees Association was open to reduction in the neighborhood of $2.5 million. The NBA is believed to looking at reductions in salary to officials, travel costs, health and pension contributions to achieve these goals.


The NBA is preparing to use replacement officials from the WNBA, the NBADL, and the college ranks if a deal is not reached.

NBA, meet Michael Price. Wait until he hits LeBron with a technical foul three minutes into the game or decides to call Kobe Bryant for an off-the-ball foul with 0.2 seconds left and the Lakers down by one.


Anonymous said...

Imagine the confused looks on the faces of NBA players as they watch June Courteau do her usual pregame warmup exercises!

Rebecca said...

NBA, meet Bonita Spence. Expect lots of procedural calls so she can catch her breath.

Oh, I hope they send Jim Breeding to the NBA. That'd get his ass canned.