Sunday, September 6, 2009

Atlanta's Mission: "Win, and You're In!"

With the defeat of the Washington Mystics by the Indiana Fever, the playoff picture is suddenly a lot clearer.

The Dream have 17 wins. The Mystics and the Sun - the 5th and 6th place teams - have 17 losses. Which means that the very best the Mystics or Sun can do is tie Atlanta - which would require both teams to sweep and Atlanta to lose its final two games. Even so, Atlanta wins the tiebreaker against the Sun and with the Mystics it would go to "Best Conference Record."

However, an 18th win by Atlanta ends all speculation - there would be no way the Mystics could catch up (although Washington might still be in the hunt for a lower level playoff spot). But....

...if Atlanta beats Connecticut at home on Friday, September 11th or beats Washington on the road on Saturday, September 12th - we are in the playoffs. Where, we can't say but we will definitely be there. It's just that simple now..."win, and you're in."

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