Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Random thoughts

Some random thoughts....

* Chicago had about as much chance as anyone to not just beat Indiana but to march to a WNBA Championship.  There isn't a dominating team this season; as a matter of fact, the last time the best team in the league was this "non-dominant" was that first 1997 season.

* Good lord, if your best scorer/MVP knocks down 40 and you can't win?  Pokey Chatman said near the beginning of the season that the team was better offensively without Fowles and worse defensively.  Selah.

* The Dream front office is looking pretty good in dealing away Erika de Souza.  I love Erika; she didn't help the Sky that much.

* There are some loud Chicago fans that want to fire Pokey Chatman.  Good.  Atlanta will take her as a general manager any day of the week.

* Yes, New York has the best record in the league.  But even with Bill Laimbeer and all of his rings, it's one thing to be a good team and another to win a championship.  I just have an instinct that New York isn't going to win a championship and that they'll fall sometime this season.  This team needs one more year under its belt to really start cooking. I won't be surprised if they do win, though, there, I've covered all my bases.

* New York filled the (lower part of the) Garden when they lost Game 1; I expect the same for Game 3. 

* Meanwhile, Tulsa and Chicago's 3000+ reported attendances at home as they were rolled out of their respective series concern me.  Tulsa's is understandable - season ticket holders unable to bear saying goodbye (losing by 30 to Phoenix in Game 1 didn't help).
As for Chicago, a Monday night game is hard going.  I just hope the Sky can hang in there.

* No GM named yet in Atlanta.  I suspect that my beloved Dream will take its time in filling that position.  Maybe Chi-town will let Pokey go and she'll fall into our laps.  

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