Friday, January 30, 2009

America's Top Baller

There's an article in the New York Daily News about a show that hopes to find "America's Top Baller".

The idea is pretty much swiped from "America's Next Top Chef/Model/Designer". A bunch of basketball players who still have "hoop dreams" (and have 'em bad, coach, REAL BAD!) will be whittled down by a panel of basketball expert judges week by week to see which player might just have the stuff to make it into the big leagues.

And "girls allowed", too. The hope is that the winner, whoever he or she is, will get an agent and the opportunity to work with pro scouts of either the NBA or the WNBA.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta Dream is overflowing with talent right now (!) so I don't think there will be any spaces in the ATL. Furthermore, the WNBA might take a pass on that player in the ill-fitting wig who calls herself "Randy Breed".

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Anonymous said...

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